Welcome to MoStacks!


MoStacks is a data management freeware (a "database") for the SonyEricsson P1i, P990i and other Symbian/UIQ3 smartphones inspired by Apple's then-revolutionary HyperCard program. For more, see the overview.

You can download the fourth public MoStacks 0.94 release from December 2008 here. I call this release experimental, as explained in the release notes. In short: The program is usable, hopefully useful, but still work in progress. The progress from 0.93 to 0.94 together with some info on upgrading is contained in the release notes for 0.94.

MoStacks is the work of a lone bedroom coder, a labor of love that gobbled up almost 3 years worth of spare time, characterized by wrestling with SDK documentation that has more holes than the cheese of the country where I live, Switzerland, with a cranky emulator that likes crashes and sometimes produces memory leaks all on its own and of course with the wonderful C++ language, pointers be blessed. You can read more about MoStacks' timeline so far here.

You find more about me on my Dreamshare website, including ways to contact me. I am looking forward to your feedback and your bug reports!

There are currently 3 ways to learn about the program: Reading the portions of the documentation that are already available (start at chapter Overview), going through the tutorial, and having a closer look at the demo stacks that the installer for the Windows program puts into the MoStacks subfolder of the My documents folder. Those demo stacks are:

Countries demo stack
Countries of the world

Gwendolyn demo stack
2000 popular given names

Shopping demo stack
Shopping list "application"

Flowers demo stack
Photos and names of flowers

NameQuiz demo stack
Interactive quiz about names

The following screenshot gives an impression what the MoStacks Windows application for stack development looks like - click for full-size picture: