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First a word of caution: This fourth public release 0.94 of MoStacks is still a little rough and may crash now and then because of bugs. If you decide to take the plunge and use the program, please be careful, learn about the backup files mechanism of the MoStacks Symbian program, and backup the stacks yourself.

You may also want to read the general release notes, or if upgrading from 0.93 to 0.94, the specific release notes for 0.94.

MoStacks for Windows and Symbian/UIQ3 is freeware. Both programs are closed-source however, i.e. the source code is not available.

Compatibility: The MoStacks Windows program for developing stacks should run on any Windows version starting with Windows 98. Actually tested so far are Windows XP and Windows 98. The MoStacks Symbian/UIQ program for viewing stacks and data entry should run on all SonyEricsson UIQ3 phones with touchscreens. Actually tested so far are the P1i and the P990i.

Requirements: The Windows program is very modest and should run on pretty much any Windows PC out there.

The Windows and the Symbian program can communicate with each other for transferring stacks, and they currently use TCP/IP port 7777 for doing so. (See also chapter Transferring stacks.)

Depending on your firewall configuration a warning will pop up at program start that MoStacks.exe tries to access the Internet through that port or act as a server on the port. This does not mean that MoStacks is a trojan horse or "phones home" to me, but is legitimate. As this feature is not essential, feel free to block port 7777 or block MoStacks as a program and move your stacks yourself "by hand" between PC and phone if you worry about this.

The Windows program and the UIQ3 program form a team. For any serious stack development, you currently need both programs.

(A short programmer's comment about the Symbian program: The installer indeed is only around 280 KB. MoStacks really does not need anything else to run than the standard Symbian OS present on the supported phones. This comes naturally so if one bites into the sour apple and programs native Symbian programs in C++.)

Optionally download the MoStacks 0.93 Symbian/UIQ3 Recognizer (3 KB, HTTP)

(Note: The recognizer is still at 0.93, it did not change between the 0.93 and 0.94 release of the main program.) MoStacks functions without the recognizer, but will integrate better with the system if the recognizer is installed. Read more about it here. Note that you must self-sign the recognizer at before you can install it. If that whole signing stuff tells you nothing, best just ignore the recognizer.

The Windows program comes together with some demo stacks as mentioned on the home page. If you just want to have a look at MoStacks on your phone and bypass the Windows program for developing stacks for the moment, you can download demo stacks separately and transfer them to your phone:

Download the Countries demo stack (80 KB)

Download the Gwendolyn demo stack (1 MB)

Download the Shopping demo stack (20 KB)

Download the Flowers demo stack (80 KB)

Download the Tutorial demo stack (4 KB)

Download the NameQuiz demo stack (60 KB)