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The Countries demo stack contains a more or less complete list of all countries. It is very "database-like" and shows basic use of MoStacks.


The data was imported from a public-domain CSV file. The default fields that the import produced based on the columns and the data in it were revised and less important fields deleted until the remaining 7 text fields and their labels made good use of the screen/card view size.

The first field with the common-use name of the country has the Use value as card name? flag set, because the sequence numbers that the import took as card names were boring and pretty meaningless, and so better card names were needed. Now, with the country name already shown on top of each card as the card name, one could probably make the first field invisible.

The one background does not work with a sort key. The cards still have the order of the lines in the original CSV file. You can clearly see that in a MoStack cards have an order that is independent of any data on them: The "true", generally accepted countries go up to Zimbabwe; after that, a conglomeration of disputed countries, islands, colonies, protectorates etc. follow.