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The Gwendolyn demo stack offers information about the 2000 most popular given names in the US. It got its name from Dreamshare's shareware Gwendolyn the Given Name Database.

With 1000 cards it is a rather large stack that is completely based on MoStacks' wiki features, making extensive use of links to allow fast name lookup.


The much larger font on the first card of the stack that is needed to make the single letter links workable is specified in a separate background that is used only just for this card.

The quite big amount of data was not manually entered. The mentioned shareware was modified to produce a file in the XML data import format that MoStacks supports.

The stack is still a little rough, particularly because of a problem with unisex names: As the pure given names (without male/female indication) are used right now as card names, a unisex name leads to two cards with identical names which in turn do not work well with the wiki links, as explained in Card Names.