Release Notes for 0.94

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To upgrade from 0.93 to 0.94 you can install the new release of the Windows programm "over" the old; there should be no need to uninstall 0.93 first. Just specify the same install directory as in the first install.

On the phone there is no need either to uninstall first; the Symbian installer will recognize that you want to upgrade and does the necessary steps automatically.

The recognizer did not change from 0.93 to 0.94; if you have it installed, just leave it as it is.

With only fex exceptions, the improvements took place in the UIQ3 program; the work in the Windows program was mostly bug correcting and some cosmetics. You find many of the most useful improvements by going through the expanded chapter Card View.

The following is a list of important features and improvements of the 0.94 release of MoStacks from December 2008 compared to the 0.93 release of a few months earlier. (If you did not yet use 0.93, this list can give you at least some hints about interesting features of MoStacks.)