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There are already quite a number of calculators for UIQ3, beside the standard on-board one, that you can find e.g. here, here, here, or here. But they all seem to have two things in common: They are not simple, and they cost money.

After an e-mail exchange with Asri al-Baker of UIQ Blog fame, who gave me the idea, I decided to write a simple and easy-to-use freeware calculator called TouchCalc as my first UIQ3 program. And here it is!

On a touchscreen phone like the SE P1i, it sports really large buttons that you can tap with your fingers without problems, if you like to do so. On the SE P990i in flip-closed mode, the four-way pad is used for entering operations and asking for the result, in the style of Calcium, a freeware calculator for S60.

Hints: To delete a wrong digit, you can use the "Delete" function in the "More" menu, but there is a much simpler way as well: Just tap anywhere on the displayed number. On the P990i with flip closed, you find the decimal point on the "#" key on the right of the Zero.


Download TouchCalc V0.91 for Symbian/UIQ3 phones (30 KB)
e.g. Sony Ericsson P990i, P1i, M600, W950.

The program is not signed, not even self-signed, and will warn you about this when you install. If you don't trust me, don't install.

Note: The program probably won't work on the Motorola Z8 and Z10 models, because of different keyboard scan codes that I was not able to test. And before you write me an e-mail asking for this or that additional feature, please remember: TouchCalc is meant to be simple and easy...

Version History:
- Version 0.90, January 13, 2008: Initial release
- Version 0.91, January 16, 2008: Program should now appear in the Tools folder with flip closed on the P990i